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ExpressPCB to Gerber

Convert your ExpressPCB file
(V7.x or older) to Gerber RS-274X

Silkscreen Layer,
Etch Layers,
Drill Guide,
Solder Masks
Board Outline
Pick & Place (new)


Let us convert your Single-Side ($6) or Double-sided ($11), VERSION 7.x or earlier, EXPRESS.PCB file into Standard RS-274x Gerber files.

Give me your Single-Side or Double-Sided printed-circuit-board.pcb file (from ExpressPCB layout program - V7.x or earlier), and we will send you back a zipped file containing RS-274x Gerber Plots of Silkscreen Layer, Etch Layers, Excellon Drill Guide, Solder Masks and Board Outline - all of the files that a pcb fabrication house needs to build your board. You will also receive a .PDF or .PNG graphic file showing all of the layers to verify that the Gerber plots are aligned.

These Gerber files are the files most used by PC Board Fabrication Houses around the world to make your design into printed circuit boards.

Up to 8"x10" (80 sq inches) Single-Sided PCB layout for $6 or Up to 8"x10" Double-Sided PCB layout for $11 (for areas larger than 80 square inches, ADD $5). We can also convert your ExpressPCB 4-layer board to Gerber format for $21.

And, for an additional $6, we will send you our Overseas PCB Fabrication White Paper. We will share with you our ongoing experiences with Overseas Short and Long Run PCB Fabrication houses.

These are board fabrication houses that we regularly use. They are set up to offer you super low cost short (10 board) runs, as well as cost effective medium (100 and 200 board) runs. We have worked regularly with these folks for the past 4 years - their Quality and Customer Service are second to none.

These overseas folks gang your board with other designers' boards to keep your cost really low for short runs. They can generally respond within days to your order. Great for the cottage business that needs a cost effective short run (10 PC Boards) to prove their design before committing to 1000's of boards!

Are you ready to get your design into production? 

We are not affiliated with ExpressPCB, but we like that they are a Quality company with a Quality short run PCB fabrication service. We think the world of the their FREE Integrated Schematic Design and Printed Circuit Board Layout Programs that have opened the door to turn hobbies into cottage businesses around the world.